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The Simple Path to Wealth
JL Collins

With a foreward by Mr. Money Mustache how could we not read this book? The beginning of the book was a great refresher and reminded us that we can still simplify our portfolio even further. He condenses the often daunting world of investing to a strategy that is easy to follow. In the last few chapters he addresses a few more complex topics but even these were presented in a straightforward and simple manner. For those who prefer audio he has now published an audiobook format where you can hear him read the book to you!

Meet the Frugalwoods
Mrs. Frugalwoods

Oftentimes the path to FI has more to do with the emotional journey than the simple math. This book resonated with us as we found that after figuring out the math and burning down our spending we still needed to work through the emotional changes. Do not expect to find financial how to's or investing strategies but instead read it if you are interested in a story about a couple who achieved their life's dreams by focusing on what matters to them.

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up 
Marie Kondo  

Initially we got this book for our kids to teach them why having a clean room (and house) makes life easier but the whole family ended up reading this resourceful book because we loved it! The kids enjoyed the graphic novel format and learned the process of filtering clothes and items to just those they need. We donated dozens of bags of clothes and items and now have a (mostly) organized, clutter-free home. As an unexpected bonus our kids really enjoyed her folding technique and used it to organize their closets.

Personal Capital is a free tool for financial tracking with automated synchronization of bank accounts, investments, and debts. In our experience it is able to synchronize accounts that other tools are unable to access. It also provides a secure, consolidated view of your finances from your mobile devices.

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