Why don't you support older iOS and Android versions?

We agonized over the decision to drop support for older iOS and Android versions since we know many Mustachians are using older devices. Our goal is to reach the broadest parts of the Mustachian community and originally we built the app to support Android 4.1 and above. However, we ran into a conflict when we added security (specifically TLS 1.2) when connecting to www.mrmoneymustache.com. Ultimately it came down to a decision of security vs broader support and we chose security.

iOS is similar to Android and we would have preferred to support a larger number of devices. However, Apple is very aggressive with pushing developers and users to their latest versions and limits their development tool support for older platforms. Having said that we greatly appreciated many of the time saving features available to developers with the latest version of Xcode and we were able to get the initial release launched in just over 3 months by limiting to 9.0 and up.

What information are you storing and why?

We take privacy very seriously and have no intention of ever selling private data. We use Google's Firebase for authentication which stores email addresses and unique identifiers. In separate systems we maintain anonymized financial and other data you enter in the app. With the latest release we also include ads (for non-subscribers). These likely contain a tracking cookie similar to what would be found on a web based advertisement. Location data is genericized to the city level and is entirely opt-in.

You can read more about our privacy policy on our policies page.

Why should I sign in?

Authentication is required to post comments to a Mr. Money Mustache article and to synchronize between multiple devices (subscription also required). We also are using the sign-in information to store your favorites, articles read, and other application data in the cloud. An added benefit of authentication is that your comments on the MMM article are color coded light green in the app so that you can more easily find them in the future.

Didn't you say you weren't using ads? What gives?

We tried for over a year to support the app on affiliate links and donations. Unfortunately our donations and affiliate revenue in 2018 did not cover our costs. Mr. Money Mustache also loses money on the app as he sees a major reduction in affiliate and ad revenue from app users. We are hoping that a minimal subscription fee and ads for non-subscribers will provide enough support that we can continue developing and growing the app.

Why should I become a supporter?

Because you are awesome! Being a supporter (in-app subscriber) is intended to be a way to show your support for the MMM App and allow for its continued development. You will also receive some extra features (along with our gratitude and love) including:

Text to Speech MMM Articles 

Unlimited Offline Articles 

Multiple Device Synchronization 

No Ads

Text to Speech? What's that and what options do I have?

Supporters (in-app subscribers) can have MMM articles read to them using text to speech. This option is super handy for listening to articles on bike rides, road trips, or while commuting in your your gas guzzling monster truck.

We recommend changing your preferred voice for TTS but play around and see what works best for you. While we typically test with "English (male)" voices we do enjoy hearing the articles read with an Australian accent!

On Android you can find this in the Settings > System > Languages & Input > Text-to-speech Output

The preferred engine should be set to "Google Text-to-speech". 

On iOS you can find this setting in Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice.

For both platforms we have only tested with the TTS language set to English.

How does multiple device sync work?

As a supporter (in-app subscriber) you automatically receive multiple device synchronization. The basic premise is that most of your use of the app (read articles, favorites, user and tools info, etc) will synchronize between multiple devices.

However, there are some caveats:

First, you must be logged into the same account on multiple devices to receive the synchronization.

Second, you must have an active subscription on both devices (which means you need 2 subscriptions to cross between iOS and Android but only 1 subscription between 2+ Android or 2+ iOS devices).

Finally, the synchronization occurs on app open, login, and when selecting "Sync Now" from the menu drop down.

Synchronization works best with a single app open at a time (typical usage). Having two apps (on separate devices) open simultaneously will potentially cause minor synchronization hiccups. Using the "Sync Now" menu option will ensure you have the latest synchronized version.

What new features are coming?

We have lots of great ideas and can't wait to bring you more features!

Based on feedback from the features poll we introduced 2 new tools (FI Calculator & Savings Acclerator) in February 2019. 

We are now hard at work producing a 3rd tool (Frugal vs Cheap) and creating community features including a Mustachian Map, personal messaging, and profiles. 

Where can I give feedback?

There are several places we can receive feedback. We have a features poll where you can tell us what you want us to develop next. For deeper discussions you can always share on the forums or connect directly with us via email: feedback at mrmoneymustacheapp.com.