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Why do you require iOS version 9.0 and above?

Similar to Android we would have preferred to support a larger number of devices but we were limited by the technical capabilities available for current development platforms. Apple is very aggressive with pushing developers and users to their latest versions. Having said that we greatly appreciated many of the time saving features available to developers with the latest version of Xcode and we were able to get the initial release launched in just over 3 months by limiting to 9.0 and up.

Why do you require Android versions 5.0 or above?

We agonized over the decision to drop support for older Android versions since we know many Mustachians are using older devices. Our goal is to reach the broadest parts of the Mustachian community and originally we built the app to support version 4.1 and above. However, we ran into a conflict when we added security (specifically TLS 1.2) when connecting to Ultimately it came down to a decision of security vs broader support and we chose security.

What information are you storing and why?

We take privacy very seriously and are collecting only the minimal amount of personal information necessary to authenticate and use the application and website. You can read more about our privacy policy on our policies page.

Why should I sign in?

To post comments to a Mr. Money Mustache article you must first sign into the app. We also are using the sign-in information to store your favorites, articles read, and other application metrics in the cloud. We will be using this information in an upcoming release to allow you to find others Mustachians with similar interests.  

Where can I give feedback?

There are several places we can receive feedback. We have a features poll where you can let us know what you would like to see us develop next. For deeper discussions you can always share on the forums or connect directly with us via email: feedback at